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Energetic embodiment guides you home to your brilliant body.

We are bombarded with programming that disconnects us from ourselves + each other. When difficult experiences happen and don't get fully processed, the e-motions (energy in motion) can get trapped in the connective tissues of your body (fascia). Our bodies are working properly to help us survive; issues arise when we get stuck in a chronic state of fight, flight, freeze or fawn.

When disconnected, you may find yourself battling an endless stream of thoughts, feeling distant, numbing out or overwhelmed with emotion, seeking control or unable to make decisions. This stifles our ability to trust our body, connect sensually, speak your needs, and take action. It also prevents us from being able to truly connect with others. Have you noticed how your relationships suffer when you feel outside of yourself?

this studio is for those who:

  • want to expand their energy + embodiment practices beyond yoga and meditation
  • desire to deepen your capacity to feel safe, sensual, and intimate with yourself and your partner
  • want to develop trust and a clear connection with your intuition

  • interested in learning how to regulate your nervous system, release the issues in your tissues, and balance your energy
  • would love a spiritual community that isn't bypassing their earthly experience and other bullshit
  • have decision fatigue and want to be guided instead of leading yourself through practices (I see you teachers, healing guides + mamas)
  • are ready to trust their inner spirit (connection to God/source) to guide them (and understand the ego's antics)
  • inspired to be a guiding light for other's embodiment journey  

I'm kat beck. I'm an intuitive energy worker, somatic guide, 500 RYT, massage therapist + bodyworker (SC 11560). I commune with the elements + your inner being to see your energy patterns and reconnect you to your body. Energetic embodiment is the synthesis of energy medicine modalities, quantum healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sound therapy, yoga, somatic experiencing, bodywork, breath-work and dance.

My passion is leading you back to yourself.

This work helps you exit healing loops + stop spiritually bypassing. This work builds resiliency; it helps you sit in discomfort. You do not need to be fixed. Your body is yearning for your attention.

Energetic embodiment allows your inner being to shine, connecting you to the divine within.

Energetic embodiment works by regulating your nervous system, releasing the issues in your tissues, revealing unconscious patterns and programs keeping you stuck, reconnecting you to your body, and restoring the organic blueprint of your lightbody.

Your body is brilliant. We've been brainwashed to forget. Rebel + reconnect.

Join our virtual studio for support in your expansion as an embodied mystic.

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