free your mind // find your flow

This is your sacred space to reconnect + remember who the f*ck you are: a force of a nature. 

I see you exploring all things spirituality + healing, but are you stuck in your mind?

You’re incredibly self-aware. You’ve been digging in + doing the work, but are you at home in your body?

Do you want to deepen your experience of embodiment + expand your creativity?

Would you like to improve your body image + liberate your sensuality?

You don’t need more shadow work. You don’t need a better mindset.

The work we do gets you out of your head, so all the spiritual experiences, mindset work + therapy you've done can be integrated + embodied. 

We put your self-awareness into action with intuitive movement + energy medicine ZOOM circles that allow you to transform your relationship with your body.

This is where mystics come to free your mind + find your flow.

This work gives you permission to express whatever is suffocating your soul, guiding you to the root of subconscious patterns that have kept you stuck, so that you can finally get free.

Shed the shame that religion + societal standards trapped you in + awaken the embodied mystic within.

Dissolve the need for others approval + accept yourself so you show up fully + express your energy without hesitation.

Melt the tension, stress + anxiety locking in your innate sensuality + feel safe to slow the f down + savor being in your body.

Release the resistance to speak up + share your unique perspectives fearlessly.

Break free from the toxic thought patterns you’ve carried from others + make peace with all parts of yourself.

Drop the doubt that’s blocking you from trusting your body’s brilliance + watch your intuitive intelligence expand.

  As an EMBODIED MYSTIC, you will affect the energy everywhere you go; you know how to alchemize instead of absorb others energy. You will find appreciation for your body + exude bone deep confidence. You’ll trust your intuitive nudges (and follow through). You will create a new paradigm of doing business or raising babies without burning out. 

Here is what you'll get access to as a member for just $37/month (or just $270 for one year) all available on an app:

 TWO ZOOM CIRCLES each month + a COLLECTION of 20 guided somatic + energetic practices.

You’re a generational cycle breaker; you show up for yourself so that you can be a RECONNECTED friend, partner + parent.  

You’re interested in learning how to REGULATE your nervous system, RELEASE the issues in your tissues, + BALANCE your energy. That's our expertise.

You would you love a CONSCIOUS community that isn't bypassing their earthly experience and other bullshit? This is your place.

You have decision fatigue and want to be guided instead of leading yourself through practices (I see you teachers, healing guides + mamas)? I got you. 

You feel called to help others. you may be a coach, guide, healer, teacher or therapist of some sort. you want to help your community be fully conscious and confident in who they incarnated to be.

Here’s what our mystic members have to say:

I'm kat beck, your mystic mentor, energy + embodiment artist.

EMBODIED MYSTICS is a community for self-aware + spiritually attuned women. We connect to share our experiences + perspectives that tend to baffle others.  This is a safe space to show up with all your weird + unleash your wild.

Become an EMBODIED MYSTIC to join a community of conscious badasses who are being the change they wish to see.

*you are free to come and go as you please. this means you can cancel anytime and return when the timing is right. you have control.