rituals to reconnect with your feminine frequency // intuitive somatics + quantum energy work

EMBODIED MYSTICS is the virtual studio for cycle breakers + spiritual badasses to come home to your body, expand your intuition + sensually awaken. This is where mystics gather to attune to their true feminine frequency + free their mind.

I know you're incredibly self-aware love, but are you still living in your head + burnt out from all this “healing” that feels like work instead of play? Are you using the tools to perpetuate patterns of perfectionism? I bet you're ready to feel the soul satisfaction of accepting all of yourself, so you can be the force of nature you incarnated to be.

Because you are here to lead this revolution of reconnection.

EMBODIED MYSTICS is where the weird, wild + wise women gather to reconnect with authentic self-expression + soulful sensuality. This is a formula for living in flow; consciously co-creating a reality that reconnects humanity to the divine within their brilliant bodies for collective liberation.

We offer a variety of monthly circles, access to video collections + the community you crave.

Our monthly circles guide you off the hook of “fixing” yourself and into your BODY where you can FEEL + get FREE from the stories that have you looping in subconscious patterns.

Because better mindset alone simply won't get you there (or else it would have worked already).

You crave a real connection with yourself + others who share your unique perspective as a highly sensitive being; you want a spiritual community that feels like home instead of having to contort yourself to fit in as you always have.

Gathering with similar souls and letting yourself be guided by an intuitive amplifies your individual intentions, creating an energetic vortex that ripples out into the world. You are truly of service when you give from overflow instead of depleting yourself.

A regular embodiment practice will revolutionize your work in the world. 

You’re here to light the path for your community.  It’s time to shine bitch.  You're ready for energetic liberation; to learn how to fully inhabit your body + access the entire spectrum of your intuitive gifts...but you can't do that through the mind alone.

 Merging intuitive somatics + quantum energy work is the key to shadow integration + recoding your lightBODY to hold new frequencies + exercise the muscles of your magnificence. 

EMBODIED MYSTIC rituals help you break free from subconscious somatic patterns that have kept you thinking you are stuck.

How good would it feel to melt the tension + stress locking in your sensuality + next level creativity?

Imagine releasing the resistance to speak up, share your unique perspectives  + express your energy fearlessly.

Imagine breaking free from the toxic thought patterns you’ve carried from childhood + make peace with all parts of yourself.

Imagine dropping the doubt that’s blocking you from trusting your body’s brilliance + watch your intuitive intelligence expand.

Sign up NOW for immediate access to a collection of rituals, live classes + a community of similar souls.

 TWO ZOOM RITUALS each month (with recordings), a MEETUP + a COLLECTION of over 20 rituals to reconnect with your feminine frequency. 

So you're interested in expanding your experience of the nervous system, fascia, energetics + quantum healing beyond knowing the tools + techniques? That's our expertise.

Would you love a conscious community that isn't bypassing their earthly experience and other bullshit? This is your place.

Are you ready to really embody what you teach as a coach, guide, healer, yogi or therapist? Let’s go…

Hey love. I'm kat beck, mystic mentor, medicine guide + embodiment artist.

Over the past decade I've become a trained + seasoned guide in helping women break free from the chains of their past and step into the radiant future they deserve. My mission? To help you revolutionize your relationship with your body + liberate the force of nature you were born to be. 

My clients? They're the mystics, the mamas, the entrepreneurs – those brave souls ready to cast off the shadows of their past and become the guiding light for others on their embodiment journeys.

Join us to support your journey as a leader in the revolution of reconnection. Sign up NOW for immediate access to rituals to reconnect.

*you are free to come and go as you please. this means you can cancel anytime and return when the timing is right. you have control.