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Embodied Mystics is your virtual sacred space to melt, reconnect + remember who the f*ck you are.

You're a deep feeler, curious intuitive, highly sensitive, cycle breaker + creative soul. You've always felt like you are here to do more than conform to the status quo. You have a deep desire to shake shit up + create a new way of BEING. You're calling in community, connection, play, self-acceptance, resiliency, confidence + peace.

We’ve been faced with programming to shrink our bodies that ended up only shrinking our sense of self. We’ve been told to mold ourselves for the male gaze, reinforcing that our body is not ours to enjoy. It's no wonder we have battled our bodies instead of embracing them. 
Shamed for being sexual beings, we disconnected from our innocent, sensual nature.  Compiled with the amount of sexual perversion we’ve faced, no wonder we've struggled with sexual intimacy.
 We grew up with religion preaching that God is outside of us. We felt something was off, so we went in search for the answers outside of ourselves. As natural seekers of wisdom, we stumbled into New Age Spirituality, hopeful for a path, only to find more distortions + distractions.

EMBODIED MYSTICS find the divine within their brilliant bodies. You don't need complex rituals or a priest to access God. You simply have to reconnect with your body to liberate your soul. 

This work gets you out of your head + into your body. We merge energetic + somatic methods, so all the mindset work + therapy you've done can actually be embodied.

  • do you get stuck in your head + you’re over it?
  • have you felt disconnected from your body + sexual nature because of painful past experiences and/or societal programming? you aren’t alone.  
  • you grew up with religion, media, family or society telling you that your body wasn't yours to enjoy.  
  • you've been doing "the work" and are ready to PLAY + EXPAND beyond meditation + yoga 
  • you feel safe in your environment and emotionally supported by a partner, therapist or friend.
  • you’re interested in learning new ways to regulate your nervous system, release the issues in your tissues, and balance your energy. cool. that’s our expertise. 
  • you would you love a conscious community that isn't bypassing their earthly experience and other bullshit? this is your place. 
  • do you have decision fatigue and want to be guided instead of leading yourself through practices (I see you teachers, healing guides + mamas)? i got you. 
  • i bet you feel called to help others. you may be a coach, guide, healer, teacher or therapist of some sort. you want to help your community be fully conscious and confident in who they incarnated to be.

HERE IS WHAT YOU'LL GET ACCESS TO AS A MYSTIC MEMBER for just $27/month (valued at $150/month)

You get access to 2 LIVE  workshops (with replays) + a collection of 20 videos (ranging from 5 to 90 minutes) all easily accessible on your phone.

Our workshops are a total mind + body reset; we flow, shake, rage, breathe + melt all tension.

Here’s what our mystic members have to say:

I'm kat beck, body + soul liberator. I’m an energy worker, somatic guide, embodiment artist, 500 RYT, + massage therapist  (SC 11560). 

 I guide you to somatically rewrite your story, so you can co-create from the frequency of freedom.

Become an EMBODIED MYSTIC today to regulate, reconnect + embrace your brilliant body with a community of like-minded souls. 

*you are free to come and go as you please. this means you can cancel anytime and return when the timing is right. you have control. 

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